Special Education – School Years

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SPECIAL EDUCATION Special education is a broad term that refers to specially designed instruction that meets the unique needs of a child with a disability. Special education provides support to children who need assistance in a variety of developmental areas. Services can include instruction in the classroom, at home

School Options

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SCHOOL OPTIONS Despite whether or not your child has a learning difficulty, parents should assess their children’s needs and find suitable, local schools. For example, some children respond better to more rigid schedules and discipline, while others thrive in an open, hands-on environment. For a child with special needs, finding a good

School-to-School Transitions

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SCHOOL-TO-SCHOOL TRANSITIONS For a child with a disability, change can be very difficult. Many of these children rely on routine and consistency, so when a major change comes it can be very difficult for them – and for you as their parent. The first thing a parent of a child with special

Financial Resources – School Years

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FINANCIAL RESOURCES Proper financial planning is very important – it is never too early to plan ahead! Creating a financial plan requires you, and your support system, to consider your vision for life when you get older. First, ask yourself these questions: What supports will need to be in place in order

School-to-Adult Transitions

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SCHOOL-TO-ADULT TRANSITIONS “Greet all people with a smile.” - Ethics of the Fathers 3:16 Formal transition planning for students with disabilities begins at the age 14. While this may seem early, it can take months or years to complete the transition process. The goal of transition is to help your teen understand

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